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These days, most often a physician will not prescribe any medication without studying the results of tests recommended. They might write down a painkiller for a broken wrist, but only inform you about what needs to be done after the x-ray has been scrutinized minutely. Many have misused this way of finding the root cause of a patient’s medical issues and made the clinic a fat bank balance from unnecessary tests. With our “patient first” motto, it’s beyond us to take this malfeasant path. Should a couple of tests make a proper medical diagnosis that’s faultless impossible, we suggest more tests. This gives educated patients the confidence that we are prescribing medicine and treatments based on sound scientific analysis. There’s no place for guesswork where a patient’s health is concerned.

Patients are a top priority

Our motto tells of the dedication the Suburban Medical Group’s teams have towards offering affordable medical services to our patients that surpass their expectations. It’s never about profitability for us, but rather about patient requirements and needs. We don’t upsell or cross-sell medical services, devices, and drugs for better financial gains in a competitive world. At our walk-in clinic at W Boughton Rd. where free Rapid and PCR testing in Bolingbrook is easily available, we never take advantage of needy families looking to protect themselves from COVID-19. Instead of investing large sums of money on marketing, we continually upgrade our urgent care clinic serving Bolingbrook, Naperville, and Woodridge.

Compassion and respect for all

Like all clinics across America, we saw a surge of patients during the height of the pandemic. Because of the free Rapid and PCR testing in Bolingbrook, our clinic was inundated with people requesting their result reports. As an urgent care bolingbrook il, we honed our skills in immediate care to quickly clear patients’ doubts about their health. Our staff learned a lot from the experience and we found that they were admirably high on integrity and dedication to providing the best care possible.

Patients first always

SMG’s urgent care clinic serving Bolingbrook, Naperville, and Woodridge has grown in popularity for immediate care (no appointment mandatory) and innovative medical solutions supported by the best staff. The next time you see worrying spots, our holistic approach to medical treatment under one roof will ensure an enhanced experience and quick turnaround to alleviate your fears. We’re open from 8 am onwards on all seven days to make sure our residents get the best care that they deserve.