Everything you Need to Know About Bruises and Cuts

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Cuts can be deceptive. The blood and pain might be the tip of the iceberg. You might need medical attention immediately to ensure the internal damage is reversible. Sometimes, if you decide not to visit a physician for immediate care in Naperville, IL, it might not be possible to have stitches later. This will mean the wound takes longer to heal, and you need to be cautious about how you move. If you do decide to call a doctor on your smartphone, you should know how to explain the wound. The best option is to visit our immediate care naperville il. An appointment does not need to be scheduled for your visit. We also offer urgent care, but please call 911 for an emergency after reading the guidance below!


Open wounds that need stitches should be attended to within six hours. Otherwise, there is a danger of wound infections. It’s critical to know when to call 911.

If you are experiencing unstoppable major bleeding
A cut from a sharp instrument (knife) that is deep and located on your head, neck, chest, or stomach



Tears, gashes. cuts, and lacerations – Wounds that penetrate the skin to the fat tissue, like cuts from a sharp object
Abrasions, scratches, scrapes, and floor burns – Wounds that are on the surface without going all the way through the skin
Bruises – Damaged blood cells that are bleeding under the skin. These can occur without a cut or scrape, usually caused by a blunt object


When are stitches recommended?

  • Cuts that are split open or gaping
  • Cuts longer than half an inch
  • Cuts that are longer than ¼v on the face

Visit our immediate care medical center in Naperville, IL 

  • There is severe pain that is not better two hours after taking pain medication
  • Skin may require stitches because it is split open
  • Scrubbing the wound for 15 minutes does not remove dirt inside
  • Loss of skin from scrape goes very deep
  • Large area is covered by scrape
  • Scrape or cut has redness, red streak, or pus (infected)
  • Scrape or cut without past tetanus shots.


We have been dedicatedly working on providing an enhanced healthcare experience at Bolingbrook, IL. It starts with immediate attention to your urgent medical issue or requirement for a primary or pediatric care physician. What’s helpful for those traveling to immediate care from Naperville, IL, is that they can consult our doctors and have lab tests at a single location.