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Comprehensive Physical and Basic Labs

🔵 *Limited-Time Special Offer: Comprehensive Physical & Basic Labs for Only $99* 🩺

At Suburban Medical group your health is our priority, and we’re excited to introduce a limited-time special offer that ensures you receive top-quality care without breaking the bank!

📋 *What’s Included:*

*Complete Physical Examination:*
Our experienced healthcare professionals will perform a thorough physical examination, addressing your health concerns and providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.

*Common Lab Tests:*
You’ll have access to essential lab tests, including blood count, cholesterol panel, and metabolic panel, which are crucial for assessing your health status.

*Electrocardiogram (EKG):*
We’ll conduct an EKG to assess your heart’s electrical activity, ensuring your cardiovascular health is in check.

*Urine Dipstick:*
We’ll detect kidney function and urinary tract issues by analyzing protein, blood, and other markers in your urine.

*Lipid Profile:*
We’ll measure cholesterol levels to assess heart disease risk.

We’ll evaluate long-term blood sugar control for diabetes management.

*CBC (Complete Blood Count):*
We’ll assess overall health, including red and white blood cells and platelets.

*CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel):*
We’ll evaluate kidney, liver, and electrolyte function, providing insight into overall health.

🤝 *Why Choose Us:*

– Experienced and caring medical professionals.
– Comprehensive health assessment.
– Fast and convenient on-site lab testing.
– Cutting-edge technology for EKG.
– Affordable care without compromising on quality.

🔗 *How to Book:*

To secure your Comprehensive Physical & Lab Package at this unbeatable price, call us at (630) 326-8766 – Bolingbrook/ (630) 360-2958 – Carol Stream or visit our website www.suburbanmedgroup.com to schedule your appointment. Remember, this offer is only available until 31st January 2024, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your health.

Invest in your well-being today with Suburban Med Group. We’re here to ensure you receive the highest standard of healthcare, all at a price that’s within reach.

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💰 Price: $99

📅 *Offer Valid for Three Months Only:* Act quickly! This special package is available for a limited time, so book your appointment to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Open 7 days a week. No appointments are necessary! Just Walk In!

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This event is completely FREE of charge, with no obligations.

Complimentary Health Checkup

🩺 *Complimentary Health Checkup* 🌡️

FREE Health Checkup Event** designed to ensure you’re on the path to good health. Join us for a comprehensive screening that includes:

🔵 *Blood Pressure (BP) Screening:* Get your blood pressure checked by our expert healthcare team to monitor your heart health and overall well-being.

🩸 *Diabetes Risk Assessment Accucheck:* Learn about your diabetes risk with a blood sugar test, helping you understand your potential for this common condition.

📊 *Biometrics Measurement:* We’ll measure your vital biometrics, such as BMI, weight, and height, to give you a clearer picture of your health status.

– This event is completely FREE of charge, with no obligations.

🎁 *Exclusive Event Offer:*
Attendees of the Health Checkup Event will receive a special discount on their next clinic visit.

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