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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Suburban Immediate Care and Primary Care Services stand as pillars of support for individuals and families seeking quality medical attention in their local communities. These essential healthcare facilities play a vital role in ensuring timely and comprehensive care for a wide range of medical needs, from urgent concerns to ongoing wellness management.
A woman sitting at the table with pills on it
Vomiting and Diarrhea
A woman holding her hands in front of the stomach.
Vaginal Infections
A boy with an oxygen mask on drinking water.
Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URIs)
A woman holding her neck with red light coming from it.
Sore Throats
A woman with acne on her face and hand touching the cheek.
Skin Infections and Abscesses
A man with a scarf on is holding his hands to his mouth.
Sinus Infections
A woman holding her hands over her chest.
Kidney and Bladder Infections
A person is holding a needle in their nose.
Foreign Body Removals from Eye, Ear, Skin
A woman with her hand on her face and covering up her nose.
A woman laying in bed with her head on the pillow.
A woman with brown eyes looking at the camera.
Eye Infections
A close up of an ear with a piece of food in it
Ear Wax Removal
A doctor is examining the ear of a woman.
Ear Infections
A woman leaning against a tree with her eyes closed.
A person holding up an image of lungs
A person is taking blood pressure with a stethoscope.
High Blood Pressure
A chalkboard with the word diabetes written on it.
Diabetes Care
A doctor holding an object and a toothbrush.
Thyroid Problems
A close up of pills and a box
Asthma, COPD And Allergies
A woman with her arms around her neck
Musculoskeletal Problems
A woman getting her face washed by a person.
Headaches And Migraines
A child with red spots on their back and neck.
Skin Issues
A man sitting on the ground holding his head.
Psychological Issues
A laptop, book and stethoscope on top of a table.
Health Care Maintenance And Screening
A woman laying on the couch with her head up.
Acute Illness
A man sitting on the ground with his hands in his legs.
Injuries And Accidents
A stethoscope is sitting on top of a phone.
Wellness Checkups And Annual Physicals
A woman and child sitting in the dentist chair.
Pediatric Care
A person is holding onto the arm of an x-ray machine.
On-Site X-Ray Services
A x-ray of the chest shows a large, bulky area.
Upper Extremities and Lower Extremities
A woman in glasses and lab coat holding up an x-ray.
Chest/ Lungs
A man with his back turned to the camera.
Spine: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar
A picture of an x-ray image of the face.
Facial bones, Nose
A man with an image of the stomach and abdominal area.
A x-ray of the hip bone shows an arrow.
Pelvis/ Hips
A doctor is examining the patient 's face.
COVID Testing
A woman is sitting on the couch with her hand in her mouth.
Quick Point of care Strep, Flu and Mono test
A man in lab coat looking at circuit boards.
Microscopies Throat cultures, wound cultures, and urine cultures
A person holding a blood sample in their hand.
STD testing
A person holding up a test tube with blood in it.
Complete Blood work, lab panels
A person in blue gloves holding their hands over a table.
Urinalysis Drug testing
A person in white lab coat and gloves holding a test tube.
Drug Testing
A blue container with bottles of cleaning products in it.
Physicals and Dot Testing
A man in a green shirt getting his arm wrapped.
Flu Shots and Vaccinations
A woman holding an image of the liver.
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B
A doctor holding a needle and blocks with the word hpv written on them.
A stethoscope, pills and other medical equipment on top of a table.
A person with red spots on their skin.
A stethoscope sitting on top of a test form.
A person in blue gloves holding a tube of blood.
A stethoscope and pen on top of a medical form.
A bottle of meningocoque c next to a stethoscope and syringe.
A person holding up a vial of vaccine.
Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella
A doctor is examining the knee of a young woman.
Sports Physical
A man and woman sitting at a table looking at papers.
College Physicals
A person holding a test tube in their hand.
TB Testing

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