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Walk-in Immediate Care

Are you in need of Walk-in Immediate Care in Bolingbrook, IL, and Walk-in Immediate Care in Carol Stream but don’t want to spend hours waiting in an emergency room? Look no further than your local Walk-In Medical Clinic! We are open extended hours of the day, including the early morning and late evening hours, and weekends, 7 days a week. We accept most local and national insurance plans and offer very affordable self-pay options. We can also work with your regular physician to make sure all your medical records are up to date.

Your health and well-being are of utmost importance to us. Don’t let minor injuries or illnesses disrupt your life. Visit our walk-in Primary Care Clinic today and experience the convenience, efficiency, and expertise we have to offer. We are here to provide the prompt medical attention you deserve, no matter the time or day.

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Here are also some of the illnesses we treat:

We offer the following treatment options:

We are here to help assess and treat you. Come on in. It is important to note that urgent care is not emergency care. While we can handle many medical situations, you should still call 911 in the event of a life-threatening emergency.


Open 7 days a week. No appointments are necessary! Just Walk In!

You should contact the nearest emergency room for serious issues such as:

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