Why is Suburban Medical Group’s Motto “Patient first”?

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Cal Group’s Motto “Patient first”?

Many things need to be considered when planning a Bolingbrook medical center that offers immediate care from physicians. We decided to take this challenge because we are all about “Patient first.” The Suburban Medical Group knows about customer advocacy and the many hurdles faced while meeting various requests and demands. When we saw the pain and anxiety people experience while waiting for their turn with a physician, we knew ‘immediate care’ was the way for us. It became a huge challenge because of COVID-19, but we have managed to keep our patients and their families satisfied with our version of ‘immediate care.’ Please don’t touch your smartphone for an appointment; bring the patient directly to us for timely medical services!


Optimizing efficiency with technology


We’ve read that artificial intelligence is creating waves in hospitals and medical research centers, but we haven’t implemented AI yet. Our staff has access to the internet and historical data to help understand a patient’s current condition through analyzing thousands of secure, confidential medical records on the database. It saves time and facilitates getting to the root cause of their existing medical issues. Our computers also increase efficiency when we are checking our inventory or finding alternative names for a particular drug.


Eleven reasons you might need a physician’s expertise


Bolingbrook medical center is open throughout the week, you can check our weekday and weekend timings online. Our Bolingbrook physicians also serve residents of Romeoville, and Woodridge, IL. Everyone’s afraid of catching COVID-19, and people have become paranoid about their cough or a bout of dizziness. In many cases, the problem is genuinely the Coronavirus. The most common diseases in the USA are obesity, cancer, and diabetes. It’s good to be cautious because prevention is better than cure! Visit Bolingbrook medical center if facing any of the below medical complaints because it could be a serious illness.

  • Vomiting or nausea, which is persistent
  • Sensitivity to light, like photophobia
  • Inability to stand or walk because of unsteadiness, like vertigo or ataxia
  • Blind spots, double vision, or blurred vision never experienced before
  • Pain or neck stiffness which is severe
  • A feeling of confusion or extreme irritability
  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Your breathing becomes difficult or very rapid
  • Severe pain
  • Skin rash or severe bruises, which you can’t explain
  • Pain, swelling, redness, or warmth in one or more joints that’s new


Suburban Medical Group’s Bolingbrook medical center has immediate care services that match and sometimes surpass patients’ expectations. We’re continually working towards enhancing our services and appreciate the feedback shared with us.